Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let me call you Sweetheart

A skirt set I finished a few days ago for my neighbor Sarah's friend, Eva. It was actually not for Eva, but for Eva's friend's daughter....!!! The skirt fabric is one of my absolute favorites ever! So cute, and vintage-y. These classic, comfy and wearable skirt and tank/tee sets always rank super high on my list.

I have lots of new ideas, and am working on some new stuff. Will post pics soon!!

My new "studio"!!!


Ok, I agree studio is a stretch, but when your house is teeny tiny like mine, space is at a premium. Sure, it may be in my kitchen...sort of...really more like my dining area...but it's all mine!!! My parents gave me the most awesome birthday gift, and sew and serge table. It came yesterday, and Oscar set it up last night. I haven't filled it up yet or organized myself, but it's a start. Osc is going to build me a cabinet that will be mounted on the wall, to store all of my ribbons, trims and notions, finally in one spot!! I will share more pics as things take shape.

I also inherited a lovely cabinet from Monica (my sis)...yay fabric storage! I "organized" things a couple of days ago, but I don't think it will last too long,LOL!! I am going to try and keep things neat as a pin...

Sabrina's fish!!! It's name has changed, I think daily. least for today...has been with us for about two weeks. Sabrina won her (although I'm not sure if it's really a "her" but anyway...!) at her school fair. We have had a couple of fish in the past, that didn't fare so well, be but this one seems to be OK...she's still alive and swimming around! Although her water is looking a little murky..but Oscar insists that it's perfectly normal. We'll see...!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Long time no write....

I generally love to am by nature a chatterbox! That's why it bums me out that I haven't really gotten my groove on when it comes to this Blog. I am turning over a new leaf though...and will be making a concerted effort to blog more!! That said, I have been busy sewing, and have also given my website, a mini-makeover over the last couple of weeks. I'm stocking my webstore, with lots of new stuff, and having a big clearance sale too! If you get a chance, check it out. You can click the link under "Favorite websites"

The weather is getting nicer around here, signaling that inevitable time of year...when school is almost out. Pretty soon I'll be hearing..."I'm so bored"...."There's nothing for me to do"...and similar phrases, that may begin or end with my favorite of all kid speak....."It's so unfair....!" I am bracing myself for a long sumer vacation, but hoping to entertain my lovely seven (going on seventeen) year old daughter with a few summer activities. There's nothing like turning on the water outside, and having a good run through the sprinklers on a hot day, or breaking out the "Slip'n Slide" for some slippery fun. Luckily these are things that Sabrina is still down for...although just barely! I did promise her some tennis lessons I must make good on my word. Ahhh...the joys of summer.