Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween parties and such

So fast forward from September, to the end of October, and what is becoming one of my favorite holidays...Halloween! If you know me, you might say lots of things about me...LOL...but one of the things I have always thought about myself, is that I am not extremely social. You may even call me a bit anti-social...anyhoo...that being said, for an anti-social introvert, I sure love to entertain, and love having gatherings of all kinds. I promised Sabrina, that we would have a smallish Halloween party, and that she could invite a few of her school friends. She was really excited about that prospect, as most eight year olds would be. I was too, as her life currently revolves around Hannah Montana, and High School Musical, and I thought that running around outside, and doing Halloweeny stuff would be a nice change. Party day was really lovely, although a bit warm ( not even close to the oven-like temperatures of craft show day, though). I love seeing all the kid's costumes, and we had some pretty cute ones. Although I loved them all, my favorite costume was Emme's. She was a "Scary Fairy" er, excuse me, a "Scary Pixie", as she quickly corrected me, when I told her how much I liked her fairy costume.

Me: "Emme, I love your fairy costume! You look so pretty!

Emme: (smiling coyly) "No, Aunt Vanessa, I'm a Scary Pixie!"

Well, OK then, I stand corrected! She is so darn cute, I can hardly stand it!

What kind of mother am I, you may ask, ooohing and ahhing, over someone else's child...although she is my niece so she is practically like my own babies...! Sabrina dressed as a witch, and has rather outgrown, the princess/fairy stage (boo-hoo for me). I thought she looked pretty cool, and witchy, just as she wanted. Chloe, was a Ladybug, but didn't last too long wearing her costume, as it was too hot...sigh. Celeste was a Candy Corn Fairy, which I also thought was quite ingenious! I have a particular affinity for CandyCorn, and even dressed as one for Halloween, several years ago. Brooke, was a flower fairy, and looked so delicious, I just wanted to bite her (I refrained), Gloria, my lovely MIL, was a Nightmare Fairy, and my dear Monica was a "Desperate Housewife." How do you dress up as a desperate housewife, you may wonder? Well, you take a very pretty lady, add a cleavage baring dress, and some nice boobies, and voila! A Desperate Housewife...LOLOL (loved it)!!!
I dressed up, which normally, I would never in a million years do, but I said what the hay!!!??! I was a witch too. Here are some pics of our Halloween bash.

"Spiderman, spiderman...does whatever a spider can.."

"Nightmare Fairy"

"Oscar and the LadyBug"

"The Scary Pixie"

"Sabrina, Emme and Celeste"

"The girls again"

There you have it. Quite a smashingly fun Halloween!


Monica said...

Don't forget Celeste was a Candy Corn Fairy!
And that nightmare fairy up there - well, that's my mom!
I was a desperate housewife :-).

Vanessa said...

I know, how could I forget!!! I fixed my post....especially the candyCorn Fairy...! I love the candycorn!