Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kawaii Guy and The Moco

Okay, ordinarily "mocos" (boogers in Spanish), are not anywhere near my favorite topic of conversation.....BUT, I recently acquired a new roomie for Kawaii Guy, and I have to say, I have not laughed so hard in a loooong time. God bless the Mucinex people, especially the marketing genius who, when asked to come up with a freebie to promote their product, brilliantly said "Hmmm, how about a small stuffed mucus?" Hey, sounds good to me, LOL! I do not blame my niece Brooke for kicking the Moco to the curb, as most small children do not associate Mocos with being cute and cuddly.

When Monica originally shared the Moco story with me, I thought she was pulling my leg. We were having breakfast at Marie Callendar's, as she casually began to recount the Moco saga. I had just put a delicious bite of chilaquile in my mouth, when she got to the "gist" of the story. Luckily I had just swallowed my food, because I laughed hysterically for what seemed like ages...maybe a couple of minutes. I could not imagine what a stuffed Moco looked like, and begged her to give him to me.

Mother's Day weekend we all got together to celebrate at my MIL's house. I had mostly forgotten about the Moco by that time. After dinner, Monica presented me with my birthday present (it usually falls near Mother's Day) or maybe it was a Mother's Day present, who knows , but I opened the bag, pulled out the lovely gifts, and graciously thanked Monica. She furrowed her brow, and said "Is that all that was in there?" I reached into the bag one more time, and pulled out a small bundle wrapped in tissue. How could I have missed that? I held my breath, slowly unwrapped the tissue....and found none other than the Moco.

He is now happily ensconced in his new home, my fabric cubby, with his new friend Kawaii Guy.


Monica said...


That poor little Kawaii guy. He's crying because he's got a big glob of moco on his head :-(.

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