Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Lovin'

A Margarita made by my brother-in-law Bruce, heaven in a glass.
(Photo taken by and borrowed from Monica)

The summer is flying, flying by crazy fast. It's already July, soon it will be August, and then September, which means time for the little people to go back to school...though Sabrina is already itching to go back...nutty kid!

There are lots of things I love about summer, as it's slowly evolving into one of my favorite seasons.
Okay, so lets see....summer love is:

Backyard BBQ's
Running through the sprinklers
Frozen yogurt with mini M&M's
Nana's Potato Salad
Blue skies
Slip 'N Slides
Margaritas with extra salt
The smell of Sunscreen

I love summer! Hope you're lovin' it too.


PamperingBeki said...

Summer perfection! That photo is straight out of a magazine.

Now I want a margarita. Mmmm... And I'm sitting here eating chips and homemade guacomole so it would be perfect right now.

xoxii said...

we need to do some summer bbq'n and margaritas together neighbor.