Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do

Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys...it seems they are everywhere! I must confess though, I have never really loved them, but after my girls were born, I found myself liking, even loving things, that wouldn't even have given me a giggle, in my life "before kids."
Big purple dinosaurs, a singing group of grown men wearing different colored shirts, and a little "explorer" girl whose best friend is, you guessed it, a boot wearing monkey. My point being, that monkeys have slowly grown on me over the last few years, and though I may not looove them, I find them cute, and highly enjoyable!!

That buildup, brings me to share my latest set...I call it Tropical Princess, Monkey Princess doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but hey, you get my drift!

I wish I could figure out how to link the picture to my auction listing..!
If you want to a peek at the auction, click on the VendeMia auction link on the side of this blog. If you love monkeys, or just like them alot, you'll find some fun monkey stuff listed.

I must say, I do love Monica's pictures. The girl has some serious skills. This is my favorite from this shoot.

Happy Tuesday!


Mari said...

Well I am obsessed with monkeys..to be more specific..orangutans and chimps are my favorite! Your dress is WAY ADORABLE!! I've GOT to have it!!

Vanessa said...

You are too sweet Mari!!

Amy said...

Vanessa - love this dress! IO can help you do your "linkage" LOL

uniquefavors said...

I love this dress! Thanks for sharing your blog with me! It is so nice! Hugs!