Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ode to Oscar

I love my husband. He is the coolest...but I'm not one to sing his praises from the highest mountain to anyone who will listen. I usually find myself a tad annoyed when I am subjected (or when I subject myself) to women who openly gush about how great their man is. I mean, mine is great too, but well, you know...
That may sound harsh, though I don't mean it to, it's just a thing I have.

OK, that being said, I am about to become one of those annoying husband praising women!! Oscar is pretty handy around the house, and I always just assume he can do everything, well because, he can. Lighting project? He can do it. Plumbing issue? No problem. Re-tiling the bathroom floor, piece of cake. The thing is, that for the last few years, his workload has become increasingly large, and the time for household projects has become less and less. Where I am going with this?? Oh...the husband praising! Almost there.

We live in a tiny house, about 1150 square feet. With two kids, and all of our stuff it can get crazy cramped, but I have become a master as utilizing every inch of unused space. I have my sewing "studio" and I use that word loosely, set up in my dining room. With no storage, I have stuff everywhere, fabric, patterns, thread scissors etc. It kinda takes over. About two weeks ago, I was at Ikea, shopping for who knows what, when I got the brilliant idea, to use the wall space above my sewing station for some much needed storage. Oscar is very particular, and when I called him from the store, he agreed it was a good idea, but insisted he be the one to tackle the project. Wondering when he would find the time, I resigned myself to a storage-less existence for a while longer.

Fast forward to the point of this long winded post. My awesome, wonderfully handy and hardworking husband, completed this project for me over the weekend! I wish I had a picture of the space before...oh well, just picture a blank, painted blue wall.

My Muse (j/k but he sure makes me smile)

I am thrilled with the storage, and have vowed to try and stay organized. The pictures I snapped this morning, are not that great, and it is not very neat, as I am working on some things, at the moment, but I am so happy with my space, and my man.

OK, husband gushing is officially over.


Monica said...

I think he's pretty neat too. After all, he and I share the same gene pool.

Butterfly Kisses Boutique said...

I loved viewing your new sewing niche! It is so organized! Thanks for sharing.

Vanessa said...

LOL Lynda! Sewing niche is the perfect way to describe it! It's small, but really works! Thank you :)