Thursday, April 3, 2008

Squirrels and Cheetos

Ok...I know I haven't posted anything since November. What is my problem? I really am not sure, but I aim to reform (again) and change my inconsistent blogging ways. I have had lots of blog-worthy moments since November, but have not kept up with posting. Ugh, what's a girl to do? Any-hoo, it's all water under the virtual bridge now.

What's with the squirrel you might ask? On New Years Day, Oscar, the girls and I spent a lovely morning at one of the local parks near our house. We were minding our own beeswax, enjoying a bag Cheetos, when Sabrina spotted a tiny squirrel, not too far away from where we were sitting. The crazy thing was that the squirrel, kept inching closer and closer to us, or possibly to the Cheetos. I was kinda worried, since squirrels, though cute, are still wild rodents, but we stayed put, and continued to crunch away.
After several minutes of squirrel watching, Sabrina, pipes up and says to Oscar, "Daddy, I think the squirrel wants your Cheeto." I quickly told her that squirrels don't like Cheetos, but she persisted, and Oscar, being a big softy for both of the girls, proceeded to put the Cheeto in his hand, to see if the squirrel was interested. Lo and behold, see the picture. The squirrel ate not one, but like five of those darn things! Luckily, no rabies shots were required, after this Cheeto love-fest.


Isabel Inspired Designs said...

LOVE your new logo Vanessa! Wow girl, look how fast you started updating your blog! Right on!
Too cute with the squirrel! I would have been terrified that he would have attacked, lol. Like the squirrel in the movie Christmas Vacation. LOL. Glad he behaved. :)

Vanessa said...

I agree Lesa, lol! My husband is nuts for even doing that! Of course my girls thought it was totally normal!!

Monica said...

Wow! That's awesome! Think of all the cool stories like this that I've missed!
I'd better stop torturing myself and thank God that you've started writing in your blog again!