Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Addiction is a good thing....sort of

I am an avid blog reader. There is a long list of blogs I read faithfully...nothing like a hot cup of coffee, and my computer, to start the day off right. I was browsing this morning, and one of my faves Fabrichound, is celebrating it's one year b-day. Myrinda is giving away free stuff, and there is almost nothing I like more than freebies!

Because I am such a fabric ho, and want as a big a chance as I can get, to win something cool, I am going to post some pics of my sewing "studio." What's with the quotes around studio, you ask? Well, my house is pretty small, and because of this sad fact, no square inch of space remains unused. I have learned to be creative in lots of ways, hence my multi-purpose "studio." It is actually a small nook, in my dining area. My hubs installed the cabinets, and my sewing table, is one of those cool ones that offers a ton of space while sewing, but is quite compact, when not in use, which is really handy.

Here is the view from the adjacent kitchen:

Despite my efforts to remain neat, tidy and organized, my area is a mess. I try, really I do, to keep things under control, but I am just not capable of this, and don't fight it anymore.

Here are a couple more angles:

My fabric, is actually in another cabinet in the living room...again creative storage. Here is the fabric cabinet closed...

Here is is open:

I am lucky that my peeps, have learned to live with ( and ignore) all the stray threads, scissors, and the occasional pin (aye, sorry!) strewn about, and that they just step over all the works in progress that find themselves in various spots throughout our pad. Because of course, my sewing projects, cannot be confined to only the studio space.

One of my favorite things though, are these three. They have taken up residence in one of my shelves. Cuteness.

Hopefully one day, before I turn old and gray, and can no longer sew, I will have an actual room to work in, but until then, welcome to my sewing happy place.


justmyrinda said...

oh look how cute!!! You know, I sew in the dining roon too...guess i'll need to share new pics so no one feels ashamed!
thanks for the linky love and increasing your chances of winning :)

Mari said...

Very cute space!!!

Anonymous said...

i found your blog today and I love whast you did with your craft area and the fabric closet, fantastic idea!

Vanessa and Company said...

Thank You!!