Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inhale, Exhale, Breathe

I feel as bad as this room looks.
This is an old picture though, really. My bedroom is no longer this color, and I swear it's clean-ish.

I'm sick.
I.rarely.get sick.

I spent last week camping out with Chloe at CHOC, and caught who knows what.

I am congested.
My nose is runny.
I am coughing up a lung.

I have no motivation to do any type of housework
(Ha,ha,ha! I never do, but now I actually have an excuse).

I would love a nap, but alas, the duties of motherhood, await me.

I really miss being able to smell stuff.

Colds suck.

I could really use some homemade chicken soup right about now.

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