Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Hamster or not to Hamster...that is the Question

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I have mentioned before that the only pets we currently own, are fish.

Sabrina, begs for a dog almost on a daily basis. She's been doing it for months now.
A couple of weeks ago, she announced that she wanted a hamster.

"Sabrina," I say, "I thought you wanted a dog? Why all of a sudden do you want a hamster?"

"I just do," she says matter of factly.
"Can we maybe go to Petco...umm, not today, but maybe tomorrow and get one?"

"No way, " I say. "A hamster is not a toy, we have to talk to Daddy, and see what he says about the whole thing."

She half-heartedly agrees, and begins asking me if I need her to do anything. You know, like chores.

"I can clean my room," she says brightly.
"How about I wash the dishes for you?"
"Can I make your bed?"

Ordinarily I'm all about the kid picking up my slack around here.
However, I know her sudden interest in "helping" me out, is hamster-related.


Fast forward to Saturday.
Oscar agrees to take Sabrina to Petco. Hamster research.
I make him promise not to bring any furry creatures home.
He agrees, and instead comes home with lots of Hamster literature.

Sabrina is pretty jazzed at the prospect of learning more about her potential future pet.
She eagerly shows me the pamphlets.

"Hamster Care"
"Hamsters sleep during the day. They are awake at night"

"Hamsters have high metabolisms, and should have constant access to food and water"

"Hamsters can be cranky if disturbed during their daytime sleeping hours. So try to schedule daily cage cleanings in the late afternoon or evening."

The list goes on and on and on....

Don't get me wrong. I love animals. I had pets growing up, although not until I was about twelve, but that's neither her nor there.
The point being, that pets, in general, are alot of work, and once the novelty wears off (which it will), who will be stuck on Hamster duty?
One guess, moi.

I can barely handle the "duties" I already, "cooking" taking care of kids and husbands and laundry...need I say more?
Adding a hamster to the list may prove disastrous, for both of us.

Oscar tells Sabrina, after patiently listening to her read the pamphlet,

"So, let me get this straight. The hamster sleeps during the day, will be awake at night, making all kinds of racket, while you are trying to sleep,"

"You won't be able to take him out of his cage and play with him during the day, as he will be sleeping (and cranky, no less),"

Oscar continues rattling off the 101 things the brochure advises, is necessary, to be a responsible hamster owner.

Sabrina is unfazed.
"I will daddy, uh-huh, I know daddy, I understand daddy, okay....uh-huh, okay...okay...."

Needless to say, the hamster negotiations are still going on.
We have all agreed to wait until, Sabrina's next report card, for the final decision.
Fingers crossed.


rookie cookie said...

Not to hamster. Only because I no do pets.

BUT Sabrina would love it. You could use it as leverage on certain issues.

Above all, have you ever heard of a hamster living for longer than a year?

Vanessa Sanchez said...

Leverage is always good.

I think the pamphlet said their lifespan is like 2-3 years tops...!

Anonymous said...

ok... reading the conversation between you and your daughter is hilarious! It reminds me of when I wanted a dog as a kid...needless to say... I now have Mika since I didn't get a dog as a kid:) It's a lot of work and I think you will be the one taking care of it. A hamster is just as difficult to take care of as a dog too... I think:)

MamiGirlBoutique said...

ROFL! I had 2 hamsters growing up. I forgot to feed them one day and came home to find only ONE hamster. :( I guess you can figure out what happened to the other one! They are nasty, to clean their cage is a huge responsibility, little wood shavings all over the floor...ugh, BUT I hope my annoying experience doesnt stop you from trying it out. I know many kids that are very responsible and love their hamsters!

Blue Muse said...

I loved hearing the conversations between your daughter and yourself and then with your husband -- it's so cute and took me back immediately to when my son was little.

We had hamsters, and I hate to be a naysayer, but if I could do it over again, I wouldn't have had them - they aren't interactive, they bite, they stink, and they don't live long, which is traumatic. I say, get a cute small yorkie or some other cute little dog - they aren't much bigger, are so much more fun, and great companions that are up during the day, give back, and live a much longer and more interactive life!
Thanks for coming to visit my little world!
xo Isa
ps LOL my word verification was "Hapser" just missing the M!

Beth said...

A hamster! Ohh boy. My 4 year old hasn't started the pet beg yet, but I'm sure it will start soon enough.

Good luck!