Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am a proud mama. I have two little girls, Sabrina, who will be ten this year, and Chloe, who will be six. I think kids are great. Growing up, I was the neighborhood babysitter. I raked in the dough. Two bucks an hour, my friends, a pretty penny.
I fancied myself to be quite patient.

Well, mostly...usually.

As I get older, I have what Oscar, refers to affectionately as a "short fuse."
I really don't agree....but will admit to occasionally losing my patience.
I mean, motherhood is a tough job.

Sabrina is super smart (what mother's child isn't), and quirky.
She has a personality totally unlike my own. She is independent, outspoken and gregarious. Sassy, but not disrespectful, and a great conversationalist.
She is kindhearted, very patient, and sensitive.

I dig this kid. Really, dig her.

Chloe is a whiz at the computer. She can maneuver game after game, like a pro.
She can show you how to get to the websites for Noggin, Nick Jr., Webkinz, Club Penguin, and Barney (her personal favorite) in no time flat.
She has loads of bookmarks, and can start up or shut down the computer like nobody's business.

I am in awe of her.

Chloe is special. She cannot walk. She cannot speak. She cannot sit up unassisted. She is a prisoner of her own body, but her brain is unaffected. She is intelligent, and amazes me every day.

Chloe recently became the proud owner of a new wheelchair. It has a shiny black frame that glitters in the sun, and is a snazzy shade of purple (her choice). Her name is embroidered on the seat in bright pink. Chloe loves to go out. She loves the mall, which we try and visit often.
Total hardship, I

The first time she used her chair was last month.
I parked my van in the Macy's parking lot at the mall.
I unloaded the chair, and sat her down.
I buckled her seat belt.
She smiled.
Sabrina asked if she could push her.
"Sure, " I said "Just not too fast."
Walking beside Sabrina, I watched as she carefully pushed her sister.
Chloe's eyes were wide, but her smile was priceless.

In the beginning, it was hard. I couldn't help but wonder why I was chosen to be her mother.
I am just an ordinary woman. No special talents or skills. I couldn't do it. I knew I would fail.
Almost six years have gone by. I am still here, we all are. Oscar, Sabrina, Chloe and me.

I used to constantly pray for strength, and patience, BC (before Chloe).
I believe I got what I asked for.


Mon Ami Jewelry Designs said...

Vanessa, I love your open-ness and willingness to let people into your life. You are a gem! And a very talented gem at that :-)

Vanessa Sanchez said...

You are too kind Cecelia!
As are you :)

Monica said...

That title makes me well up.

Sabrina was extraordinary from the get-go.

Who knew Chloe would end up being just as amazing?

I love how she communicates so clearly with just her eyes or a small movement of her hands.

I love how opiniated she is.

I adore her sense of humor.

Both of your daughters are uncommonly eloquent in different ways.

I love being around you guys and miss you when I'm not.

Vanessa Sanchez said...

Love you and miss you too Mon.