Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm lovin' it...

I think that's the advertising tag line from the McDonald's commercials that seem to always be on the telly. They may have a new tag line now though...not sure as I don't keep up with the Mickey-Dees ad campaigns too much (I do love a QP w/cheese now and again).

I am loving lots of things lately, and since Valentines's Day just passed, belated though I may be in my loving, I figured it would be appropriate to share.

I'm loving the weather we've been having here in SoCal. Rainy. Cold. Crisp. Winter-ey.

Don't get me wrong, one of the perks of living in Southern California, is the weather. It's always nice, and warm. Sunny, even. When it's supposed to be winter though, I like to actually experience a seasonal change in the weather, call me crazy, but I love that.

I'm loving the fact that as I'm typing this, it's quiet. No TV, no noise, other than the tip-tap of my fingers hitting the keyboard, and Chloe quietly playing on her computer (more on that later).

I'm loving that my bed is made.

I'm loving that I cleaned the house over the weekend, and don't have to do it today.

I'm loving that I have Apple Jacks in my pantry, and will be enjoying a bowl for breakfast.

I'm loving my bluebird cookie jar.

I'm loving my new Webkinz Love Monkey, affectionately named Coco-nut.

I'm loving that you're still reading this...

There's so much more to love, but for today, I'm good.

Hoping there's lots of things you're loving today too.


Carolyn said...

I too love Apple Jacks! :)

PamperingBeki said...

I'm lovin' this happy post!

rookie cookie said...

I am loving that cookie jar. Like really really loving it. Fill that little thing full of cookies!

As for what I am loving today:

Watching my little chubby baby eat french fries when we went out to lunch.

My 3 year old's imagination. So far today, we have gone from cowboy to construction worker to baseball player. And the day isn't even over yet.

The sun out while it snows at the same time.

An evening with my sisters tonight.

Life is just too good, as long as we let it be.

Vanessa Sanchez said...

Well said!

I'm loving all of your comments the most!

That bluebird cookie jar is one of my favorite things! I bought it a few years ago from Curt Blanchard, the artist who designed the series. Is is a reproduction of one that was made by Lefton in the 1960's.