Friday, February 20, 2009

Wait, wait, wait, your turn....

(Preface:This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I thought it was funny, and characteristic of how things look around here strewn about on the floor, stray crayons, stuffed animals...)

Waiting. It's an interesting concept. Sometimes, a hard one to grasp.

Case in point:
This morning, I made my way to Tar-jay. I had to pick up a couple of prescriptions at the pharmacy. It opens at 9AM, while the store opens at 8AM.

Oscar was working from home this morning, so after I dropped Sabrina off at school, I headed straight to the big "T." The idea of an entire hour to aimlessly wander through their aisles, had me practically drooling. I arrived in the parking lot promptly at 8:00, stood in line at Starbucks, (conveniently located inside the front entrance), bought myself a Cafe Mocha, grabbed a shopping cart, and began my leisurely stroll through the store.

I cannot say, how great it was to not really have a purpose, to just walk, and look, and maybe spot something cool, ie:the 75% off section of Valentines Day stuff. I am a sucker for holiday decorations, particularly if they are way discounted.

As the clock neared nine, I made my way to the register, and paid for the odds and ends I had picked up along the way.

Easy Breezy.

I calmly headed over to the Pharmacy Department.
There were two little old ladies already there.
The Pharmacist was helping one, while the other waited her turn.

Lady Number One, and the Pharmacist, Peter, seemed to be playing a game of Twenty Questions.

"What's best for my cold?"
"How much is this one again?"
"I'm out of my vitamins, where are those?"
"I think I called in another prescription.....not sure when, can you check?"

Peter was extremely patient. Really, sweetly patient.

Lady Number Two, however, not so much.

I think I counted about ten sighs, and at least three very exaggerated glances at her watch before, another employee showed up at the pharmacy counter to help old Pete out.

Lady Number two, was swiftly asked how she could be helped, and was taken care of straight-away. At about the same time, Lady Number One, completed her transaction.

It was then my turn.

I used to be quite easily annoyed by the likes of Lady Number One.
Those pesky little "Inconveniences."
You know the ones, Unsure Lady (the one who can't seem to make up her mind, similar to Twenty Questions Lady), The Sunday Driver, The Lady With 101 Coupons, The Person in the Drive-Thru, who while waiting in the long line of cars, still doesn't know what they want when they get to the window.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Today though, I was not annoyed. Not bothered in the least. I didn't impatiently sigh, or glance at my watch (though I don't wear a watch, but if I did...), or roll my eyes, or mutter naughty words under my breath.

You know what?

It felt good. I felt good.
Score one for learning how to be more patient.
That's progress, my friends.


PamperingBeki said...

Okay, first of all you're ridiculously cute.

Second, good for you!! Patience is not something that comes easily to me.

Third, a morning browsing Target with coffee in hand sounds like pure heaven to me!!

Julia said...

I just found your blog. Your daughters are beautiful. I have a niece who has been in a wheel chair all of her life. She's 22 now. That is one pretty chair! Our Amanda would love one like it. You sound like a very special mom with two very special daughters. Glad I found you.

Vanessa Sanchez said...

There is never a bad time to be called ridiculously cute...especially at my age, hahaha! I'll take it :)

Thanks very much for your sweet comment! Your niece must be a very special person.

Vanessa Sanchez said...
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Vanessa Cavaco said...

I have to try and learn and be more like you...those things annoy me like crazy...I'm like little old lady #2...I would have been sighing, looking at my watch and probably have been making nasty comments! :)